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We are passionate about supporting all areas of our clients’ businesses, not just in the field of finance.  We are pleased to offer the services of The Written Voice for copywriting and editing; to assist with all areas of written work, from marketing strategies to board reports.

The Written Voice is a small, independent business, providing support and advice to anyone struggling with how to best express themselves on paper and, where needed, write for them.  They have long experience in writing on behalf of brands and businesses, including brand hierarchies, advertisements, press releases, commercial and board papers, internal publications and so forth.

For many small businesses, it is impractical to employ a permanent head for marketing, PR or communications, much less for ad hoc projects and documents.  The Written Voice provides a freelance solution for all of these areas, alongside offering a sounding board for general business development, strategic planning and confidential, safe space to discuss business plans, structures, and roles and responsibilities.

When writing in isolation, it is all too easy to get lost in headings, sub-headings, titles and references.  The Written Voice can help, by providing a clear view and adjusting your documents so that they are correct in both format and content.  They specialise in translating bullet points and a jumble of scribbled notes into clear, concise and impactful writing.

The Written Voice provides a completely bespoke service, tailored to your needs.  Offering wide-ranging support, you might choose to use them for simply proofreading a fully written paper, sense checking an email, or drafting a comprehensive business strategy.  Their service is flexible and can accommodate short timelines and ad hoc work.  They will adapt to your corporate style and tone of voice so that everything will read as if it has come from your own desk.  They are the hidden, supportive ghostwriter for your business.

They can find the words you need.

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