Landlords & Property

The Buy-to-Let market has increased dramatically over the last few years and in more recent times the Government have sort to extract extra tax from Landlords.


Whether you are an individual with one but-to-let flat let through a letting agent, or have a large portfolio of properties that you self-manage, here at PJCO we can help you.

In the last few years, the tax treatment of property has changed quite significantly with the withdrawal of 10% wear and tear allowance, the restriction of loan interest to basic rates of tax and extra stamp duty on second homes all resulting in you paying extra tax liabilities. It is not necessarily easy to keep up to date with all of the changes and if you make errors with your self-assessment tax return HMRC can impose penalties and interest on top of the tax that you owe.

Maybe you simply want to make sure that you remain tax compliant by knowing that a qualified ACCA accountant has reviewed your self-assessment tax return prior to submitting it to HMRC, or you need help restructuring your property portfolio to help you cope with the increased tax burden, we are here to help you.

There are time limits set by HMRC to let them know if you are receiving property income and we can get you registered into the system so that you avoid any late registration penalties. If you have been receiving income for some time and want to come clean with HMRC, then we can guide you through the “Let Property Campaign” which will inevitably mean you will pay much less than if HMRC come knocking on your door. It is nowhere near as painful as you might imagine.

As specialists in provision of cloud services to landlords with property portfolios, we have developed a business suite that help you to run your portfolio with the least effort and administration:

  • Profit and loss by property.
  • Managing monthly rental payments and arrears quickly and effectively.
  • Return on investment analysis.
  • Automated and paperless information system.
  • Quick, easy and competitive mortgage advise.
  • QuickBooks Online.

Our trained cloud integration team will be with you every step of the way as you take your business into the future.

Made a complicated system easy

Collecting rent from multiple tenants has always been time consuming for me. By setting up QuickBooks and automating many aspects of this, it has allowed us to save time in many areas of my business

Made a complicated system easy