Our Promises

Our promise to you – Why you should choose us?

  • Fixed Fees. Upfront fee quotes so you know exactly what it will cost you in advance. Get a fixed fee quote.
  • Free Phone Support. You choose the package that suits you best. We just look after you as well as we can.
  • Free Meetings. You choose the package – Whenever you want to meet up, any meetings at our offices are always provided FREE of charge.
  • FREE Initial Tax Review. To identify all the tax planning opportunities you are not presently taking advantage of.
  • Work On Time, Every Time. We will agree on timescales with you and can guarantee work will be completed the same day if you need that service. Accounts and tax are not likely to be life-threatening but if you need us we can be available 24-7.
  • FREE Tax Tips. Relevant to business owners delivered to you by E-mail through our regular E-Tax Tips & News to help you pay less tax. Register here to receive Tax Tips & News.
  • Our unique business cloud filing system can sort and file all your Paperwork effortlessly. We understand doing the paperwork can be stressful for many business owners who really just want to get on with running and building their business. We have developed a system that allows you to manage your books in an organised and efficient manner with minimum fuss.
  • A Flexible Accountant Who Speaks Plain English. There’s no technical speak from us. We speak to you openly and honestly and promise not to blind you with jargon. We want you to feel comfortable to pick up the phone to us whenever you need, for whatever you want and know you’ll get good sound understandable advice. We will work with you in the way that suits you – in person, on the phone or online.

And the last reason is our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee…

Use our services to help you pay less tax and increase wealth, completely at our risk. Our services are so outstanding there’s a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

Here it is…

If at any time you are not completely happy with our work please discuss it with us. If we really can’t sort the issue for you then we will not demand payment until you are happy.

That means no worries…

  • No small print;
  • No quibbles;
  • No questions asked;
  • No exceptions;
  • No strings.

In return for trusting us with your work, we trust you to be the judge of it. Please tell us if you are not satisfied and don’t hesitate to recommend us to others if you are!

Elvis Presley

I have no use for bodyguards, but I have very specific use for two highly trained certified public accountants.

Elvis Presley