Reporting and Forecasting

Reporting and Forecasting

Better information for better decision making.

We offer setup and training services for Syft, as well as ongoing forecasting and reporting services. Set your business goals and we will help you to achieve them. Book in an app consultation to talk through your reporting and forecasting needs with our management information experts.

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Use live dashboards to see where a business stands in real-time. They’re designed to be flexible and customizable to help you measure and manage the most important things to you.

  • Rolling forecast visualisation shows you your future
  • Get a 360° view of every corner of your business
  • Include non-financial data to see a true reality of business
  • Fully customizable charts, cards and tables let you present your data in a way that suits you
  • Setup KPIs to measure performance and Syft will automatically analyse your data in the background to deliver insights for the business drivers that matter, easily and fast.



Forecasting helps you achieve your goals. Projecting data using the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement provides accurate results you can rely on for making great decisions.

  • Make multiple assumptions per account line
  • Use flexible payment terms and multiple forecasting methods
  • Import, duplicate and customise existing budgets and forecasts
  • Create from trends and prior year’s figures to visualise actual vs target analysis
  • Find out the outcomes to every what-if situation a business could face. Compare scenarios for more insight.
  • Compare forecasted and actual performance.