Auto Enrolment

UK employers are legally obliged to automatically enrol all eligible workers into a qualifying pension scheme by a specific deadline. This is one of the biggest challenges to face businesses and the financial penalties for breach can be severe.

For this purpose, workers have been arranged into three categories: Eligible Jobholder, Non-Eligible Jobholders and Entitled Workers.

Only Eligible Jobholders are required to be automatically enrolled. Non-Eligible Jobholders have a right to opt-in to an automatic pension scheme and Entitled Workers have a right to join any pension scheme.

Your Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain detailed records of correspondence with workers, workforce assessments, joiners and leavers and pension payments.
  • The duty to assess (and continually reassess) employees to be able to identify who will be eligible for enrolment.
  • As an employer, you must ensure that you communicate with each individual worker to ensure they are aware of their rights.
  • Set up a qualifying pension scheme. Working with an Independent Financial Adviser you must review existing pension arrangements or design a new scheme that will suit the automatic enrolment criteria.
  • Ensure both employee and employer contributions are paid into the scheme at the correct amount and the payroll accurately reflects these contributions.
  • Throughout each stage of the enrolment cycle, you must create and maintain detailed records. These records must be available for review by The Pensions Regulator whenever requested.

Employees must be aware of their rights and you should be aware of your duties. Be ready to act on them to avoid a breach of the rules and imposition of financial penalties.

  • Our Premium Auto Enrolment Services

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