Love is in the air (and lots of tax benefits too!)
  • Love is in the air (and lots of tax benefits too!)

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. From recent research, it has been found that over one million people will get engaged on Valentine’s Day this year. If you have that niggling feeling that your loved one is thinking of asking you for your hand in marriage, it could come with a number…Read More

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  • Home Working Allowance for Directors & Employees

Homeworking expenses includes supplies used in order to complete your work. Computers and other technology Furniture Internet Access Homeworking allowance for an employee only applies to expenses that are completly necessary and exclusively in the performance of employee duties. In other words, you cannot proportion expenses for personal and business use. Currently, HMRC allows a…Read More

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  • Home Working Allowance for Self-employed

The homeworking allowance allows you to claim back certain expenses to cover the costs incurred when working from your home. These include: Room space Gas and Electricity Phone Bills Exempt expenses would include anything that is for personal use. Method 1 – Apportion actual costs As a self-employed individual working from home, you can choose…Read More

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  • Taking Security Deposits from Customers in QuickBooks Online

If you take security deposits from customers then you will need to record them down so you know what you hold for different customers. QuickBooks makes it easy to record these so you can see at any time what you hold for each customer. This blog deals specifically with deposits that are intended to be…Read More

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