Advanced Tax Planning

As part of the TAG Tax Group and other Tax Advisor firms, we have access to specialists in specific areas of Tax and can normally refer you to a recommended specialist in most areas of tax. Contact

  • Buy to Let Property Portfolios

It might be that you are looking to incorporate a buy-to-let portfolio and want to know the tax savings available through incorporation or have a specific overseas tax issue, within our Tax Groups we probably have someone that can help you.

  • Business Sales & Restructuring

Similarly, if you are looking to sell your business or bring in external employees into share ownership we will have experts that can make sure you understand the rules and implement them correctly.

  • Tax Schemes

We do not advocate the use of “Aggressive Tax Avoidance” as it appears to very rarely turn out the way it was supposed to, but we do help you minimise your tax liabilities through legally and morally acceptable means such as Pension payments, EIS, SEIS and VCT investments, Research and Development tax credits and enhanced expenditure.

  • Getting your Tax Affairs in Order

If you realise that you have got something wrong with your tax affairs in the past and want to sort out the problems so that you can sleep easy at night, then we can help you disclose the facts to HMRC in much more favourable terms than if HMRC finds you.

In recent years, we have helped many Buy to Let Landlords get into the tax system by using HMRC’s “Let Property campaign”.

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