Confused about exactly what to do?

Understanding the world of tax, government agencies and accountants can be overwhelming but we are here to guide you through that maze, making sure that you can sleep at night, knowing that you are tax and accounting compliant. If you have a tax problem, we will support you every step of the way as we sort it out with HMRC. Anything you are unsure about, drop us a line or email us and we will see if we can help. Remember the initial contact is FREE so you have nothing to lose by talking to us.

We want to help you

As your accountant or tax adviser, we will be working for you, not HMRC. We will make sure that you comply with all the rules, and of course, never pay more tax than you need to. As your agent we will sit between you and HMRC, dealing with any queries that they might have, making sure that they do not abuse the rules.

Our aim is to make things easier for you, we pride ourselves on providing support and advice to our clients. We have continued that with our website to help, whether you are a client of ours or someone just browsing.

Being prepared

If you have never had an accountant before or had bad experiences then making sure you are asking the right questions is essential. You need to find out if the accountant you are looking at is the right fit for you or your business. Knowing the correct questions to ask will help you find the right accountant for you.

Other accountants

Not all accountants are the same, indeed not all accountants are even qualified, and as you look through websites or speak to them you will find some suit your needs better than others. We understand this and with our advice pages, we provide links to other accountants in our area so you can see what is available.

As ACCA qualified accountants we comply with their professional ethics and standards. We have a large network of specialist advisers to call upon if your problem is outside our specialist skill set. We also hold in excess of one million pounds worth of professional indemnity insurance.

Take our knowledge!

Awarded QuickBooks UK Firm of the Future, we have some of the top ProAdvisors in the country. You can contact us with any questions or book a FREE initial consultation.


Charles Lyell

Never call an accountant a credit to his profession; a good accountant is a debit to his profession.

Charles Lyell