Accounting after university

Have you recently left university, and are you wondering if an accountancy career is for you?

As a graduate looking to get your first job in accountancy, it is important to first evaluate whether you are willing to put in the work and dedicate another 3 years of your life to studying.

Whether it be ACCA, ACA or CIMA, the accounting body will require you to study and gain the relevant work experience, in order to become a member.

If you studied Accountancy and Finance at university:

Depending on the options you picked within your accountancy course, you are likely to receive between 5 and 9 exemptions.

These exemptions enable you to start your studies at a higher level, assuming that you have already gained the skills and knowledge from previous education. This, therefore, gives you a quicker route to finishing those exams! However, regardless of this, 3 years’ experience is still needed before you become fully qualified.

How do you claim your exemptions?

Accounting bodies require payment of each individual exemption, and this can be paid directly to them.

However, if you are still at university and have considered furthering your studies with ACCA, I would recommend checking if your university is signed up to ACCA Accelerate. If so, register! This gives you multiple benefits; including discounted fees.

For more information, please see the link below:

Student benefits of the accelerate programme

If you do not come from an accounting background:

Although it sounds daunting, starting an accountancy career without studying it previously, can be very beneficial.

This means that you will start your studies at the same time that you start your practical experience. This will ease you into the exams, giving you plenty of experience before you start the professional papers.

Key tips:

  1. Research the company and see what accounting body they study with.
  2. Try to find an employer that provides a structured graduate programme.
  3. Ask about their training environment, are there other trainee’s you can learn with?
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Amy Manvell

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