Uniform Allowance

Wearing a work uniform may not be seen as a benefit – but you can gain Tax relief from it!

HMRC give you the opportunity to claim up to 4 years’ worth of uniform allowance.

What is classified as a uniform?

‘A uniform is a set of specialised clothing that’s recognisable as identifying someone as having a particular occupation.’

The following criteria must apply:

  • Must be used for work
  • Must be specialised/ have a company logo
  • This does not include similar colours or styles to promote the corporation
  • And cannot be an item of clothing that would be suitable for outside of work

Assuming the above criteria is met, you are able to claim back the costs of upkeep and cleaning of your uniform, provided the company does not provide a laundry service.

You can either collate your receipts or claim HMRC’s flat rate expense.

What industries may this Include?

The list of eligible industries varies dramatically, and the flat rates that you claim are in correlation with this.

Not sure if you are eligible? Check if you can claim below!



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