Pubs, Bars, Restaurants & Cafés

If you run a restaurant or cafe, then we understand the stresses involved in managing your business on a day to day basis using traditional methods.

Rowan Van Tromp

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Our expert advisors can help you introduce technology to improve your management systems and free up time for you to focus on the most important areas of your business.

If you want to increase your sales and profits by 20%, why not try our monthly sales improver system for free?

In addition to our standard accountancy services to the industry we provide expert industry specific advice including:

  • Menu pricing and design.
  • Menu item costing.
  • Food safety compliant stock management.

As specialists in provision of time-saving business technology services to restaurants & cafes, we can provide you with a bespoke suite of business applications, including:

  • Cloud-based POS & stock management system.
  • Staff management system.
  • Automated expense processing app.
  • QuickBooks Online.

You would have access to our award winning cloud integration team who will be with you every step of the way as you take your business to the next level.

Time for a tea break

By using QuickBooks Online with the help of PJCO, this means at the end of a busy day, I no longer have to sit down and look at my finances. With the integration of a point of sale system my sales data gets inputted into QuickBooks automatically!

Time for a tea break