Am I with the right Accountant?

If you are looking at this page then you are most likely unhappy with something your current accountant is doing.

Not all accountants are the same and many operate in vastly different ways, we will ask and answer some of the most common questions about accountants and you can apply them to your current accountant and see if they are for you or not.

Does your accountant provide advice and save you money?

Have you thought about expanding your business, house, changing your job or any of a hundred different things that can have a big impact on your life? Anything like this needs consideration before you can go ahead and make an informed decision.

Your accountant will be able to help answer these questions, you should free feel and welcome to call them or drop them an email and have valuable conversations that will give you guidance on the best way to proceed or other options available to you. Good accountants normally provide advice like this for free to their clients.

Does your accountant save you tax?

It might seem like a silly question but in accountancy language tax compliance means they will process your accounts and send them off, tax planning means they will do the same but also use legal means to save you paying extra tax.

A good accountant will know many of the best ways to save you tax, whether that is the use of dividends, the best way to deal with your house or assets, or even to get the most out of what you can claim from your car. A good accountant will be doing their utmost to work on all these areas and will be fighting to make sure you pay less tax.

Has your accountant helped you with future plans?

Accountants are often seen as the people who can tell you everything that has already happened but not actually help at all with the future. A good accountant will be able to help answer questions to help shape your future and will often highlight these to you without you needing to ask.

An accountant will be able to make suggestions for the future with the pros and cons of what will be best to save the most tax but also business suggestions also.


Behind every good business is a great accountant.