Work Experience with PJCO

I’ve had the honour to spend the last few days taking part in work experience at PJCO and have learnt so much from so many amazing characters in such a short time. Before arriving, I had very little idea what an accountant did or how an accountancy firm would operate. I’ve gained so much knowledge on finance, tax, national insurance, marketing and advertisement, software, and…Read More

Stock Transfers during COVID-19

How to complete a stock transfer form and get it processed, including new measures put in place because of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to measures put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) HMRC have temporarily changed the way they deal with Stamp Duty. You should not post stock transfer forms to HMRC –…Read More

Self-employed Grant

Who can get the Self-Employed grant? Sole traders or partners in a trading partnership, but not director/owners of limited company businesses. What will you get? A taxable grant representing up to 80% of your average profits if you meet the following criteria: you submitted your tax return for 2018/19 ( year ended 5th April 2019…Read More

Support for Self-Employed COVID-19

On Thursday evening, Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled the eagerly awaited government aid plans for the self-employed in the UK. The scheme looks to mirror the current support offered to the employed by offering an 80% guarantee on income up to £2,500 per month (dependant on conditions). How much will I get? Much like the scheme…Read More

What Financial Support is Available for businesses during the COVID-19 Outbreak?

With the vast majority of the country practising ‘social isolation’ during the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we are seeing that more money is remaining in pockets and out of the cash flow of small businesses. We look at some of the solutions available to help businesses protect themselves through this potentially difficult time financially. Government…Read More

Tracking stock in QuickBooks Online

Keeping track of stock can be a tedious process that business owners dread on a daily, weekly or monthly occurrence depending on how often you may like to do a stock count.  However, QuickBooks Online can do this for you, with no extra work other than the standard bookkeeping that you have to currently do…Read More

Tracking Profitability of Jobs in Quickbooks Online:

If your company is in the construction industry, you may like to track all income produced by individual jobs. However, this can be quite hard to do – especially if there is more than one job corresponding to a client. Perhaps you would like to keep on top of purchases made to complete jobs? If…Read More

Looking ahead to the Annual Budget

The day of the red briefcase, budget day is just around the corner. Set to be unveiled on 11th March, provided the reshuffle doesn’t delay proceedings, here is a look ahead at what we might be able to expect: Entrepreneur’s relief (Bad news for successful business owners) With the Tories promising to review Entrepreneur’s relief,…Read More

Your business and the EU settlement scheme

As an Employer, it’s been a long and uncertain 3 years for the UK and Brexit and especially for members of your team who are EU nationals living and working in the UK. From a business perspective, this uncertainty could have a very negative impact on your business if retaining EU national staff, and recruiting…Read More

Open Banking Update

Understanding Open Banking Customers are normally required to grant consent to let the bank allow such access, such as checking a box on a terms-of-service screen in an online app. Uses might include comparing the customer’s accounts and transaction history to a range of financial service options, aggregating data across participating financial institutions and customers…Read More

Dependent Relative Relief

‘Dependent relative’ is defined as any relative who is unable to look after himself or herself. Dependent relative relief only applies on a property used by the relative before 5 April 1988, providing that this was the main residence of the relative. Should there have been a change of occupant after 5 April 1988 the…Read More

Student Loans

Many of you may have been to university and fear the day that Student Finance will come knocking at your door, asking you to repay that rather hefty student loan. This blog will aim to target the most common questions that we are asked regarding student loans and will concentrate on students that studied in…Read More

Finding the light at the end of the ‘post-graduation tunnel’

Graduating is no easy thing. You think you’ve done the hard work already, studying for the exams, writing the dissertation, cooking for yourself for three years with no parent around to help… the majority of students think that actually graduating is the easy bit. You put on the cap and gown and celebrate your success,…Read More

Mother’s Day (Trivial Benefits)

Does your mother work for you? The trivial benefit exemption could be a tax-efficient way to treat your mother this Mother’s day – 31st March 2019. What qualifies as a trivial benefit? Employers that provide a gift or expense to their employee or director, under a statutory exemption. All of the conditions below have to…Read More

Robert Kiyosaki

The word accounting comes from the word accountability. If you are going to be rich, you need to be accountable for your money.

Robert Kiyosaki