Dext – Invoice fetch

Dext has a feature where partnered suppliers can send any invoices and receipts straight to Dext, rather than you needing to log into each website and manually find and upload them. Dext Prepare will automatically check each of your authorised suppliers once a week and add any new documentation straight to the inbox. This is especially useful for companies that have many direct debits and can’t always remember to upload the invoices they receive.

To set up a fetch connection you will need to log into Dext and click into the ‘connections tab’ and select ‘cost’. It will then ask for you to set up a connection and will bring up a list of suppliers who support invoice fetch. You then must log into the supplier’s portal to authenticate the connection you will then be asked which date range of documents you wish to upload. A popup will ask you to keep the tab of your browser open while Dext Prepare completes the connection. You can continue to use the Web App in another browser tab while this takes place.

If Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is required, another popup will prompt you for additional information. This is usually an SMS or email message with a one-use code. Enter this and click Send. Once successful, you will return to the Connections page with the status ‘Login Successful.’ Use this screen to edit any of the details associated with a connection or delete it.

After the connections have been set up, Fetch will collect any documents that are in the supplier portal and upload them to your inbox in Dext within 48 hours. After this initial set up Fetch will retrieve any additional documents and upload them to Dext on a weekly basis.

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