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Uploading documents

Due to technology constantly changing, companies need to find new ways to adapt against their competition. One way Dext have achieved this is with their mobile app. It is available on IOS and Android and you can download it from the app store or from an invitation via text or email. Once you have either logged in or made an account you will be taken straight to your inbox in the costs page. You will see at the bottom of the screen the following headings: ‘Dashboard’, ‘Costs’, ‘Add Doc’, ‘Exp. Reports’ and ‘Settings’.

How to capture and edit documents.

To upload documents simply click on the green button with a black cross labelled ‘Add Doc’. This will bring you to your camera with 3 options at the bottom: Single, Multiple and Combine. 
Single is when you simply want to upload one receipt or bill. Multiple is the one to use if you want to upload more then one receipt or bill and combine is the one to use if you have a long or double-sided receipt or bill. If you use single, once you have taken the photo you will be taken to the review screen, where as, if you use multiple or combine then after you take all your photos you can press the green button ‘Review’ in the bottom right of your screen to take you to the review screen. In the review screen you have the option to retake in the top left corner (if you used single), or an arrow with the options ‘Add more images’ and ‘Delete all & start again’ (if you used multiple or combine). 
In the top right you have 3 dots, which when selected will give you the option to either ‘Retake’ or ‘Delete’. Underneath there is a black box with 2 arrows letting you zoom in and out and move your photo making sure it’s good to be uploaded. If you would like to select the category, add a description or add a customer simply swipe up on the option ‘Item details’ just below your photo at the bottom and fill those out.
Uploading your document.
When you are happy with your photo, simply press the big green button ‘Submit’ and it will be uploaded and ready to edit and upload to QuickBooks. This is incredibly helpful if you’re unable to access a computer or laptop and need to upload your clients documents in a hurry as it’s quick and simple.

If you want to get the most out of your Dext account, you can book a training session with a member of our Cloud Management Team.

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