Review of Receipt Management Apps: Dext, Apron, and QuickBooks’ Receipt Snap 

  • Dext Prepare: Allows for the upload of bank statements, credit notes, and receipts. Although it may take longer to process than Receipt Snap, it is advantageous for transactions involving multiple categories and VAT codes. It can also match bank card numbers to their corresponding accounts using advanced AI technology, ensuring accurate data extraction and saving business owners valuable time. Uploaded items enter a processing queue, but users can expedite important documents with the ‘Boost’ function.
  • Dext Commerce: Unique in its category, this product is designed for businesses operating on platforms like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and Shopify. It automatically fetches data from these platforms and presents it in a consolidated, standardized format, saving time and allowing for customization before exporting to accounting software.
  • Functionality: Users can take photos of receipts, with the app processing and uploading documents in under a minute. It’s fast, accurate, and easy to use, although it lacks the advanced features found in Dext.
  • Invoice Capture: Unlike Dext and Receipt Snap, Apron’s Invoice Capture handles both payments and invoices. When connected to accounting software, it allows for automatic reconciliations, showing which invoices relate to specific payments, including batch payments. This minimizes the risk of payment duplication. Like Dext, it utilizes AI for document processing, capturing line-by-line totals and splitting multi-document PDFs into individual files for greater accuracy.
  • Dext: Ideal for larger companies needing to upload and manage a variety of documents beyond just receipts.
  • Receipt Snap: Best suited for smaller businesses or sole traders due to its simplicity and speed.
  • Apron: Recommended for large businesses requiring detailed financial analysis and the ability to handle complex transactions, with features like assigning tracking categories in Xero and classes in QuickBooks.
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