What can be done to get your first BTL mortgage?

  • Make sure that you put enough money aside for a deposit.
  • Find the right property for you, and make sure that you can also afford it.
  • Make sure that you build your credit score over time before getting a mortgage. For example, getting a credit card at 18 and using it regularly could massively increase your score if you pay on time. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to be accepted at a better rate as a higher score reflects a lower risk to brokers.
  • Find the right mortgage quote for you with a payment plan that is sensible when compared to your income.
  • Mortgage brokers will also put you through an affordability test. This is a test where they will look at your spending habits in the past and assess whether you have had enough money left over to pay off the mortgage. It could be useful to reduce your spending in the short term before applying for a first mortgage.
  • Decide whether the property should be purchased in your name personally or within a limited company. This is extremely important as the initial set up can be costly to change!
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