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work experience PJCO accountants

I’ve had the honour to spend the last few days taking part in work experience at PJCO and have learnt so much from so many amazing characters in such a short time. Before arriving, I had very little idea what an accountant did or how an accountancy firm would operate. I’ve gained so much knowledge on finance, tax, national insurance, marketing and advertisement, software, and so much more. These skills will stay with me and be useful in whatever path I take in life, and for that, I can be nothing but grateful.  

I now understand that an accountant is more than just a number cruncher but a crucial asset to any business. At PJCO they have very personal relationships with employers, something I didn’t realise was possible as an accountant until now. My eyes have really been opened these past few days to the extent of what’s possible for an accountant to do and how involved in the running of a business they become. Being able to see how effective this operation can be when everyone is working together in sync has been amazing. 

Desk work experience PJCO accountants

Even just working in an office is something that I rarely ever get to experience at my age, especially with everything going on currently. Spending time in this environment surrounded by hard-working people has given me an insight into what my future could be like and gives me the motivation to work harder in order to achieve that aim. Learning about the impact that different brackets and income streams have on tax liability has been incredibly interesting and useful. These skills are ones I have never been taught and probably wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for the generosity of the team here at PJCO. 

Peter and the entire rest of the team have been so welcoming and helpful, making my short time here one to remember. I am so grateful for the opportunity and I wish you all the best.  

Sam Boyd- Work Experience

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