Cross Border VAT- Goods arriving in the UK

International Goods

  • From 1st January 2021 goods entering the UK will be an import and postponed accounting will be introduced for worldwide imports.
  • This will be better for cash flow as it will mean that VAT is not payable by a VAT registered business at the time goods arrive in the UK.
  • This will mean there will be changes to the way the UK importer completes the boxes on the VAT return.
  • The UK importer must account for postponed import VAT on the return for the VAT quarter which covers the date the goods were imported.
  • The UK importer will need details of the imports to be included in the VAT return – this will include copies of your monthly postponed import VAT statement when it is available.
  • Customs duty will be payable at the point of entry. The UK importer should consider if they appoint a freight agent to deal with formalities.

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Abbie Lisney PJCO Peter Jarman
Abbie Lisney

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