Quickbooks: Banking Tab Updates

Some Quickbooks users may have noticed that over the last couple of months that the banking tab is looking a little different.

There have been a few changes to help make managing transactions even easier.
As well as some obvious cosmetic differences, there are a few new features that you may have missed:

  • 1. Simplification of batch actions.
QuickBooks-Banking-PJCO-Peter Jarman
  • 2. Improved clarity in tab names- ‘Reviewed’ now changed to ‘Categorised’.
  • 3. New function to sort and group transactions into batches with similar characteristics.
QuickBooks-Bank-Blog-PJCO-Peter Jarman
  • 4. New search transactions function.
QB-Banking-PJCO-Peter jarman-blog

As well as these new functions, Quickbooks has added additional sorting filters, and say that there is now faster page responsiveness and load times.
If you haven’t noticed these changes yet, then they are likely coming in the next few months as Quickbooks continues to roll out the banking tab updates. 

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Jo Gilbert

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